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The Sad Blue Boat: Storm Ketchum Tales, #2

Length: 40 pages33 minutes


Another slice of life on the Outer Banks, from the author who took you to PORT STARBIRD!

In this companion short story to the STORM KETCHUM ADVENTURES series of Outer Banks island mysteries, Ketch's Sunday morning hike is enlivened by the discovery of a modern-day shipwreck on the beach.

It appears to be a refugee boat, a rare occurrence in these parts, but there's no one on it. Where did it come from? Were there people on the boat, or is it just a derelict? And if there were people on the boat, what happened to them?

Join reluctant amateur sleuth Storm 'Ketch' Ketchum and his loyal dog Jack as they uncover the mystery behind the sad blue boat on historic Hatteras Island, where intrigue always seems to be just around the next corner.


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