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Dead on Departure: Intercept, #1

Length: 300 pages4 hours


The word has gone out … Jack Coyote must be neutralized.

Not with a bullet, a poison-tipped umbrella, or an inconvenient accident, but by being set up for the fall.

When everybody comes gunning for Jack—a cybersecurity expert working for a shadow government agency—he must track down the bad guys who want to silence him for what he knows.

Becoming a marked man and a reluctant hero, Coyote finds himself in a realm of subterfuge, spies, traitors, and assassins where chasing down the truth can get him and anybody around him killed.

Jack has to uncover the truth, or die trying. He makes the only choice there is. Not to run and hide … but to turn and fight.

Jack finds himself in a dogfight that tests his cleverness, his character, and his courage. But can he hold out before being permanently silenced?

Heroes don’t sign up to be heroes. Even if they did, heroes are never completely heroic just like cowards are never completely cowardly.

Retribution is out there somewhere, waiting for Jack Coyote, whose veins flow with the fighting spirit of his Apache ancestors.

Jack Coyote is out for blood in this action-packed political thriller series spanning the globe.

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