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Flovely - Adventures at the lake: Adventure stories for children

Length: 23 pages16 minutes


"Flovely - Adventures at the lake" is an entertaining and exciting story for children between three and eight years of age.

The rabbits have found a wonderful lake in the middle of the forest. Right away, they tell their friends Flovely and Flirty about it. Full of enthusiasm due to their discovery, they spend the hot summer days on that beautiful place. Quickly the secret spot is not so secret anymore and the lake is completely crowded. For everyone to be able to enjoy the hot weather, the friends come up with a plan: they want to build a swimming pool right next to the lake. To put the plan into action, all the animals of the forest need to work together and experience some adventures. 

Lovingly written and rich in detail, this children’s book is a recommendable reading matter for children who love adventures. Colorful and child-orientated illustrations visualize the plot in a happy manner.

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