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Summary: It Takes a Pillage: Review and Analysis of Nomi Prins's Book

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The must-read summary of Nomi Prins's book: “It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses, and Backroom Deals From Washington to Wall Street”.

This complete summary of "It Takes a Pillage" by Nomi Prins, a renowned journalist and former Wall Streeter, presents her argument that the current crisis is not the result of subprime mortgages but of the financial system. She proposes solutions and reforms to try to deal with this problem.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand how Wall Street took advantage of its own bailout
• Expand your knowledge of American economics and politics

To learn more, read "It Takes a Pillage" and discover the dark insider secrets of Wall Street and the financial crisis.

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