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Summary: New Deal or Raw Deal?: Review and Analysis of Burton W. Folsom Jr.'s Book

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The must-read summary of Burton W. Folsom Jr.'s book: “New Deal or Raw Deal?: How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America”.

This complete summary of "New Deal or Raw Deal?" by Burton W. Folsom Jr., a renowned American historian, presents the author's view that Franklin D. Roosevelt's idyllic legend is nothing more than a myth. He highlights the inconsistencies and wastefulness of his administration, which failed to properly confront the economic problem following the Great Depression, and which has left a legacy that still negatively impacts the American economy to this day.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency and its economic implications
• Expand your knowledge of American politics and economics

To learn more, read "New Deal or Raw Deal?" and discover the story of Franklin D. Roosevelt, his presidency and the implications of his policies.

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