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The Assets (Chaos Witches Volume One)

Length: 280 pages4 hours


In a dismal future where persistent, monstrous storms have scrubbed the Earth clean of mankind and his toys, a technological jump allows a privileged few to, once again, build and live on the surface, protected by strange, rotating, domes. The price to live in such a dometropolis is to contract with the corporations who built them.
These are the stories of extraordinary women whose lives are changed by these soulless companies and the cold, cruel game they play, one designed only for losing.

Cynnamon has studied their rules and is poised to exit their game a winner, until she crosses paths with a strange company whose employees share one collective mind.

Miriam trades an arranged, marital prison for a diamond studded corporate cage. Trapped with a conscienceless man who dreams only of his own glory at anyone's expense, her only chance to survive may lie with strange viral bugs which have a mind of their own and intend to control hers.

Annabelle, leader in a strange Sisterhood, knows better than to help those who are ensnared by the corporate web, but watching from the wings has never been her style. Can she save them or will she herself be caught?

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