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Twilight House: Twilight House Chronicles, #1

Length: 277 pages4 hours


It’s a new world. A world where humans now live along side the Fae - but it’s not perfect. In fact it's far from it; racism, persecution and hate still run rampant, but now it has something new to focus on other than colour, gender and religious beliefs - The Fae!

Growing up, surrounded by all of this hate and cruelty, how is one person – especially one who was abandoned by her own parents and left on the door steps of an orphanage – able to be so forgiving and understanding?

Moira Laird has had a difficult life, growing up without a real family; being shifted from one foster home to another. But now her life is about to change forever, after accepting a job at a local Twilight House - a refuge for Fae. How will she fare with the prospect of ancient curses, Fae prophecies, rape, racist attacks and violence? With all that going on, will there be any room for love? 

Let’s face it ... There has to be something better out there, right?

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