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Crescent Moon: Blood Moon Legacy, #1.5

Length: 178 pages2 hours


Seven years ago,  Nick Evans abandoned his life in Scottsdale, Arizona for the secluded mountains of Canada. Now he’s back to save the love of his life, Brooke, from meeting the exact same fate as her brother.

While trying to protect her, he accidentally pulls her into a world where monsters and demons exist. He knows he needs to talk to her before the next full moon in an effort to explain everything that led them to this moment, but she’s reluctant to hear anything he has to say. She’s finally content with her life, and has no interest in re-living the most painful parts of her past. 

When tragedy strikes again, will Nick be able to do the right thing and help Brooke through it, or will history repeat itself?

We’ve heard from Brooke in Blood Moon, now it’s Nick’s turn to tell his side of the story in this brand-new companion novella to the trilogy that started it all.

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