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Hearts Disguised

Length: 86 pages1 hour


Andrea Gordon loves her job. That’s not the problem. The problem is her boss- or rather how she feels about her boss. What she feels can never be revealed, for if Evan Price were to ever realize his trusted assistant had more than professional inclinations towards him, she would be out the door faster than he could call security.

Focus and Determination

Evan Price clawed his way out of poverty, through dyslexia to become one of the city’s most prominent businessmen. Thanks to a few wonderful teachers in his youth that never gave up on him, he vowed to always pay it forward. His company’s yearly charity ball does just that. 
Luckily, his proficient assistant coordinates everything so that all he has to do is show up, mingle and make a speech.

Masks can be revealing

A night of dancing and disguised passion leaves Andrea more confused than ever. Little does she know her boss has never been clearer of his next acquisition.

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