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The Heidi Fuchs Adventures

Length: series


'Rendezvous in Berlin' A stand alone novel, the fourth in the best selling Heidi Fuchs Rendezvous series, set in the second World War

The order has been given to kill the Fuhrer and stop the war - but who gave the order and will it make things better or worse? The assassination team are already in place: they have the means, the motive and now the opportunity. On the surface it sounds so simple - but whose interests are they serving?

Two mutually hostile groups, with very different intentions are frantically scouring Berlin to find the killers, before they act. The German capital in 1942 is a city at war, but not yet suffering the heavy bombing that was to come. On the surface the lights are still on and the night life thriving, but everywhere the Nazi grip is total, nowhere is safe.

Late comers to the search are retired civil servant, and occasional secret agent, Sir Freddy Villiers and his French wife Martine, now playing catch up in the hunt for people who have no intention of being found - or stopped - by anyone. Into this unstable mix the alluring figure of senior SS officer Heidi Fuchs insinuates herself, and she has her own, deeply personal, agenda. Do you really know who your friends are? Would you trust your life to them?

"A thrilling life and death chase through wartime Berlin - just one step ahead of the Gestapo."

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