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Unk Eats A Garden And Thrives; Disruption: Resilience> Well-Being; Change: Adapt> Prosper: Enjoy Ideal Vegetable Food

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Wog's Garden is a mostly fictional account of Winslow Oliver Green's conversations with his friend Junior Fre. Both are enthusiastic gardeners and health nuts. Wog is a bit extreme in his conviction that gardening and well-being are tied to each other. Junior is somewhat more mid-spectrum and gets part of his food from a nearby supermarket.

The two friends have many conversations about gardening, health, and diet. They talk about values and goals and what makes life enjoyable. They don't have all the answers but often come up with interesting observations, some of which seem to be at least partial answers to how life can be made better.

Set in the near future, humanity and the average individual, are under stress. Resource depletion and the resulting rise in prices of energy, consurmer goods, and food, have changed some of the basic factors in people's lives. The consumer economy has contracted. Services and self-sufficiency now dominate. Small scale local agriculture and home gardening have become the means to deal with the changing world.

Wog and Junior are early adopters. That has made their lives at bit easier and less stressful. Wog grows most of his own food in his garden. His income is not nearly so much taken by the high food prices. His diet is not so much dependent on an increasingly burdened food distribution system with its marginally affordable prices. Junior's modest vegetable garden and higher than average income have made the high food prices less of a problem for him. The majority of other people are not so fortunate.

Resilience and the ability to change are increasingly important in a future that is becoming more challenging. Wog and Junior have made many changes. Adapting to change is the reason life is good for Wog and Junior.

Wog's Garden is fiction and entertaining, yet mostly logical and informative. It is an invitation to enjoy the process of becoming more resilient and better adapted. Adaptation enables us to enjoy whatever the future brings.

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