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A Handful Of Love

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Heading For Greener Pastures Along The Oregon Trail, is a Christian pioneer novella about one family’s journey to the West and about the hardships which had to overcome, such as a shortage of food and losing a wagon along the way, and many other trials and obstacles. Only their strong faith and love for God carried them through each day to their ritual of--after eating--gathering together and reading from the family bible. As they get towards the end of their journey, there’s a major decision that has to be made.

Christian Lumberjack In The Old West, is a wonderful and emotional novella about one man’s journey into life, and the old west, when he goes to Oregon to become a lumberjack. His story is told through a contemporary woman, a librarian in New York who finds most of the man’s journal in the dusty reaches of the library basement. Through the pages of his story--one of inspiration and hope--he lives on and his words end up being a major factor in her own life, by convincing her to become both a better Christian, and a better human being.

Falling For The Mysterious Stranger On The Boat - An upper class Victorian woman decides to take the plunge after being widowed and travels to her mail order husband in Texas, with only her dog and her maid at her side; but when she meets a mysterious stranger on board the ship her whole world is suddenly turned upside down.

Far More Children Than Expected - When Ana signed up as a schoolteacher in California, she thought she was going to be working in a schoolhouse near Sacramento. Instead, it was a far more difficult task she would attempt to undertake.

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