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The Balance of Light: A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe

776 pages11 hours


Bridgetown is in a state of unrest; many have already fled to the Wilderlands or gone into hiding, while others have chosen to remain as willing fighters under Saisshalé or the One of All Sacred. Denni still believes this war can be stopped peacefully, yet the Mendaihu are without direction and the Shenaihu are committed to causing as much chaos as possible. Morale is faltering on both sides.

To make matters worse, Amna has finally learned the truth behind her soul’s history: she is Annedin, the spiritual offspring of Denysia and D’kami Oktanis, her Shenaihu soul mate. And even worse, she’s discovered her fate – at each Season of Embodiment's end, Annedin is sacrificed.

And she refuses to play along this time.

Amna’s decision to rebel sets off a wide number of unstable and unprecedented events that no one, not even Vigil, can possibly predict or counteract.

No one knows what will unfold. Everything hangs in the balance.

And no one is left unaffected.

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