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My Friend's Hot Mom - Housewarming Party

Length: 35 pages49 minutes


For Danny, life just keeps getting better. Not only is he doing well in school, but he has a good job as a bartender…and best of all? He just got his own place right over the bar. Now that he has some privacy, Danny can't wait for the next time a young woman shows some interest in him, and he can take her upstairs. At this point Danny doesn't think life could get any better, but he's wrong.
Tonight is ladies’ night, and who walks in but his best friend's hot mom, Allison, who helped him get the apartment. Surprised to see her, especially dressed as provocatively as she is, Danny asks why she came by. Allison tells him she that she came by to see his new place and to give him a special housewarming present.
For Danny, life is about to get even better, because Allison plans on giving her son’s good-looking best friend a housewarming party he will never forget.

 ~~~~~ Excerpt  ~~~~~


“Oh, yeah!” she laughed, “I drink, I dress like this, and love it. I dress proper for work, and around the house. I am a mom, after all, and don’t think I don’t know how many of Chris’s friends gawk at me. So I try to make it so they have as little as possible to yap about, but I’m sure it still happens.”

“I guess.” I said, thinking of all the times I’d stroked it to her since I’d known Chris.

“You just guess?” She raised her eyebrows, “You never looked?”

“Oh, well, I mean…you’re very pretty, but…”

“Pretty?” she sighed, “You think my breasts that you've been looking at all night are pretty. Is that the word?”

“I…” I couldn’t come up with anything to say, but she just laughed. “It’s okay Danny, it’s flattering. Now let me keep telling you about my nights out.”

“Sure.” I was relieved to get off the topic of getting off to her.

“Well, I dress sexy, and go out with a few friends, and show off. I love the attention, but not from guys my age.”

She nodded towards the guys down the bar. “They’re boring, and they’re usually jerks. They think they know what they’re doing, but they don’t, and they can’t keep up, all blow-no show, so to speak. What I like are guys your age looking at me.”

“You do?”

“Oh, yeah, I  love it. I love being seen as a hot cougar or a Milf, because that’s what I am, Danny. I play professional at work and mom at home, but when I get out? This cougar goes looking for a cub.”

“You…you’re screwing with me.” I laughed nervously.

“Not yet, but soon.” She gave me a nasty smile that caused my heart to skip a beat.

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