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DSLR Photography Cookbook: A Beginner's Guide with Step-by-Step Recipes to Taking Amazing Photos with DSLR Camera!: Beginner's Photography Guide

Length: 98 pages40 minutes


Do you have a digital single lens reflex or DSLR camera but you’re not sure how to use it to its full advantage?

Would you like to learn how to use the different, manual settings in your DSLR camera to take higher quality photographs?

Then you’ve found the right book! Coming from a person who’s studied photography for a long time, this book is made for both the newbies of the art all the way to the experts who need a quick guide to determine which settings they may need to change in their cameras. DSLR cameras will allow you to take that beautiful shot of your daughter or son on their birthday, or to get that amazing shot of a bird in flight, all with the change of a few settings.

In this book, you will learn:

The anatomy of a DSLR camera and the different styles of lenses. A more in depth explanation of lenses so that you can choose which one you need for your style of photography. The different shooting modes and all about ISO settings. What the exposure triangle is and how to control metering. How to find the right focus, file size, and white balance to create the perfect photograph. And much more!

So if you want to learn how to create an amazing photograph with your DSLR camera today, then scroll up and download this quick guide to configuring the manual settings on your camera!

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