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Homemade Sauces and Condiments: Quick and Easy to Make Delicious Recipes from the World’s Cuisines: Food and Flavor

Length: 35 pages19 minutes


You have been an adventurous world traveler, tasting of the local specialties wherever you have gone.  But now you're back home, and sighing with nostalgia about those flavors.   We all realize that the main aspect of any country's cuisine that sets it apart from all others is its collection of condiments, its various blends of herbs, spices and vegetables, or its gravies and sauces.  Bring back the nostalgia that takes you back out on the road to the world’s cuisines with some of the recipes from this book.

In this book, we’ll:

Learn to make two famous French Mother Sauces (gravies). Show you how easy it is to make those Indian dishes that taste so exotic. Visit some islands to scoop up their most memorable condiment recipes. Return to the Americas for some of their most famous sauces and condiments.

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