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Linux for Beginners: Introduction to Linux Operating System and Essential Command Lines: Computer Programming

54 pages32 minutes


Thinking of plunging into shell programming or are you just interested in learning the Linux command line and its core utilities?

If you’re looking for an excellent text to get you started in your Linux classes, Practical Guide to Linux will be a valuable resource for you.

The guide assumes that you do not have any prior knowledge on how to execute the Linux command line, and moves to tell it in the simplest format possible. If you already have an instructor-directed tutorial, Practical Guide to Linux will be your companion.

Unlike your standard technical guide, it is more of a story guide told in a familiar language to help you improve your overall efficiency at the command line.

This book is a quick reference guide that introduces you to practical Linux commands together with their usage syntax. It cuts into the core aspects of a Linux environment and manages to untangle the meaning of different concepts and commands associated with a Linux system. Understand all the finer nuances before diving into the deeper end of the Linux OS.

You will learn:

What a command shell is and how to execute it What to consider when choosing  a Linux distribution What is conditional execution and how to achieve it What is output redirection and how to achieve it What is piping and how to use pipes How to queue commands for execution at a specified time How to communicate between  processes How to use the system’s built-in help How to run a command in the background How you can revisit your command history

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