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Clutter-Free Frugal Life: Downsize, Organize, Rationalize and Save Money as You Simplify and Declutter your Life and Home: Declutter & Organize

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People are afraid of the phrase “living frugally”.  They get all sorts of scary pictures of deprivation in their heads.  They dig in and refuse to even consider downsizing, for instance, for fear of not having enough. 

But on the other hand, they dream of a simpler, cheaper lifestyle in which they can work less if they choose, because their needs are so inexpensive they don’t have to create a full-time income anymore.

Living frugally is a philosophy – a set of common-sense, conscious choices about how one spends money, and what kinds of possessions one owns.  We can all benefit from some sort of conscious frugality – with no deprivation whatsoever.

In this book, you’ll read how to downsize – if you choose to.  How to eat better for less money – if you wish to.  How to dress and groom for pennies on the dollar – if that interests you.  How to differentiate between being “cheap” and being a Frugal Philosopher.

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