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In it Together

Length: 259 pages3 hours


Cara has no one but herself to blame for the situation she finds herself
in – she broke the cardinal rule: Don’t read someone’s personal diary. But
what if she hadn’t? How long would it have been before she found out that
Maddie, her girlfriend of four years, was sleeping with her flatmate?

Now suddenly homeless, Cara flees to her family home in the heart of Cumbria
to lick her wounds. There Cara reunites with the past she so desperately
tried to outrun and comes face to face with the heart wrenching dilemma that
caused her to leave in the first place.

With nowhere to hide Cara finally has to confront her demons head on. Does
she tell the truth and risk tearing a brother and sister apart? Or does
she carry on with the lie and be without the love she has denied herself for
so long?

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