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Those Forty Days

Length: 107 pages1 hour


Those Forty Days is a journal of a journey that started forty years ago in the life of its author Samir Chatterjee. Samir chose music out of sheer passion with the hope that one day it will unfold and reveal places to him, which would satisfy the purpose of his life. There were definitely ups and downs along the way, but no deviation. This book documents Chatterjee's supreme satisfaction and realizations emerging out of a rigorous regimen of practicing Tabla for forty day in isolation.

Although Samir's musical instrument is the Indian Tabla drum, yet in his approach to the different aspects involved in practice, he has a convincing way to make his observations and experiences general and universal. Consequently, this journal answers many of the questions seekers of all paths usually have. Answers to those questions can come only from those who have personal experiences of walking through the apparently inaccessible path and seeing those self-revealing places. Samir devoted his entire life in this pursuit and the purpose of his taking up this austere regimen was only to have personal experiences of what he believed in. His spirit of sharing to benefit all has resulted in this book.

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