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Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons - Volume 2 of 3 (Summer)

Length: 187 pages47 minutes


A Book of Photos taken in eastern and northern Japan through the four seasons of the year. Daniel has been living in Japan for over 10 years and he and Kazuya have known each other for about 9 of those years. They have been traveling around together and doing photography in northern and eastern Japan and exhibiting their work on their respective websites.

Friends have been encouraging them to prepare a book of their photos so that the world can see them. They have finally gotten around to doing just that. This book highlights approximately 430 of their photos. The photos range from astounding mountain scenery taken through the seasons to close-up photos of flowers - also through the seasons.

If you wonder what Japan has to offer the traveler or tourist this book will give you some hints and clues as to what you might be able to see if you travel to Japan in any of the four seasons.

This book will take you as far north as you can go on Hokkaido, the Northern Island, as well as to Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Gifu, Gunma, Kanagawa, Nagano, Niigata, Saitama, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Toyama, Yamagata and Yamanashi Prefectures in Japan.

This title, along with "Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons - Volume 1 of 3 (Winter/Spring)" and "Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons - Volume 3 of 3 (Autumn)" make up the total content of the print edition of "Outdoor Photography of Japan: Through the Seasons".

Also please note that this is a color photo book. It can therefore be best viewed/read on a device which supports color.

NOTE WELL that the images in this ebook Edition have been GREATLY reduced in quality from their original state to meet the maximum size limits allowed by Smashwords. There is a print version of this book available – which is not broken into Volumes and for which the original 300 dpi photos were used – search for the same title on book websites. There is also an “azw” file type ebook edition available through the company which uses that file type (for a bit higher price [also broken into 3 Volumes]). The images in that “azw” 3 Volume series have NOT been reduced in quality from their original state.

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