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BBQ Recipes: Experimentation is the Key! Succulent Rubs, Tasty Marinades, & Appetizing Sauces

Length: 52 pages20 minutes


BBQ sauces, dry and wet rubs and marinades of all descriptions are the added touches that separate a good recipe from a great one. In this book, you’ll find forty two recipes that will add flair to the food you place upon your table. Some of these recipes are old favorites, but many are very new and different. No matter which one you choose to try, you’ll literally taste the difference in the dish you serve.

In this book, you’ll find hot sauce, sweet sauces and rubs that originate from the corners of the globe. Likewise, the marinade recipes in this book cover a vast range of tastes, applications and results. There is something here for every dish.

Best of all, you don’t always have to fire up the outdoor grill to enjoy these recipes; most of them are just as easily prepared on the stovetop or in the oven as they are outside. Browse through them and get started today - your family and your guests will praise the results.

The secret to using BBQ sauces, rubs and marinades is experimentation - don’t be afraid to alter ingredients to add your own touch. Put in a little more hot sauce, or add a little more brown sugar - modify the recipe until it is your own. Also remember that just because the recipe connects the sauce to a particular cut of meat doesn’t mean that the sauce won’t be just as good on another cut. Keep experimenting until you find which sauce works best for you - it might just become your signature sauce!

Pick up your copy today... Enjoy!

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