Self-Discipline: Six Steps to Iron Discipline

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Self-Discipline: Six Steps to Iron Discipline

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (9 ratings)
Length: 40 pages35 minutes


Do you wish you could accomplish more in life? If so, do you know how? This
book can guide you on that path.
Self-Discipline: Six Steps to Iron Discipline, is such a way for you to do much
more with your life. Written by PN Murray (Self Mastery & Say Goodbye to Low
Self-Confidence & Failure) and EAC Andrews, Self-Discipline was designed for
the busy person.
Self-Discipline will help you to build iron discipline, in a few of the following ways:
• Reset your thinking;
• Adopt (or readopt) a few daily habits;
• Clear out useless things in your life;
….plus, more ways to train yourself to succeed.
By mastering self discipline, you will be set up for more of what you want—success,
happiness and a brighter future.

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