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Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry

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Identifying Your Fivefold Ministry Calling - The Signs of Ministry Calling - God has placed the Fivefold Ministry in the church for a specific purpose. Perhaps you feel that you are called to one of these ministries. How do you know which direction you must follow? In this book you will find a complete teaching on each of the fivefold ministries and how they function. You will find the Signs that follow each of these ministries, as well as how to Identify which ministry you are called to. This includes for the first time a Call to Business. Many have thought that you are worldly if you just want to do business. But God is calling those who will rise up in business and not only bring in finances but do new things that build the body of Christ in this earth. This teaching is a foundation that can start you on any of these ministries. No matter which direction you feel the Lord is leading you, you will find a foundation here that can set you on the path to rise up into all that God has for you.

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