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The Apostolic Minister

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The Apostolic Minister - How to Become the Kind of Apostle God Wants You to Be - This book follows on from the last book in the series "The Apostolic Calling". There are different kinds of apostles and each has their own area of ministry. It is important that you know what kind of Apostle He wants you to be. Apostle Les has given a foundational teaching on this subject to help those who God is training. Sharing from experience and examples from the Word, This book will show you where your true passion lies as an apostle of God and how He trains each of His Apostles. This book also covers how to function as an apostle in teams, how to be an apostolic father and how the apostle should pray. These are all things that every apostle must know in order to rise up to the highest level. Are you ready to minister in power and take the land that God has called you to take?

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