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Given Not Taken

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Former Army Major Calvin Hollaway is the perfect guy. He has great morals, a great body, and great heart. He meets Dr. Ava Karcher, a first-generation German American and lead surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. To her, he’s a Black Adonis, and to him, she’s a blonde bombshell. When Calvin decides to stop grieving and love Ava with everything he has, she is more than willing to receive every morsel. Problem is, she is married to a man who is no stranger to murder. So when he catches them in the middle of playing the grown up game of give and take, somebody gets hurt and hurt badly.

Step into Kenneth Thomas Sr.’s debut novel, Given Not Taken, an intricate tale of how the violence from one passionate night between lovers sets into motion a series of events that would soon reveal a plan to destroys a family empire, a lover’s life, and the lives of young, stolen immigrants. Can this evil be stopped without the wrong man being framed? Will the memory be restored in time? Who can devise the perfect plan to accomplish both?

Set in Jacksonville, Florida, Given Not Taken evolves from a passionate love story into a violent mystery with high crimes including human trafficking and organ theft. As the romance is sabotaged, evil must be stopped without the wrong man being framed.Thomas takes special care to blend the oftentimes complicated worlds of a German American surgeon and her Black veteran lover.

“This book is suspenseful, surprising, and intriguing! It has plot twists that are so unexpected. I can’t wait to see what else this Author produces! For a debut novel it has depth and describes human vulnerability! Read it and get your fix!,” wrote a reviewer.

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