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Desmond's Portal: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #5

Desmond's Portal: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #5

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Desmond's Portal: Magic On Earth - If Magic Did Exist, #5

149 pages
2 hours
Feb 9, 2017


Something has come to earth. Something powerful and unknown. The Black Squadron detected it and approached, cautious. Their instruments read that phenomenal amounts of energy are emanating from it. What they find is that it's a portal...as someone or something steps out from it.

The downside, the creature that steps out, steals away Trinity’s memory of who she is and who her loved ones are. The creature pokes fun at the Black Squadron, them being 'all powerful' and 'all knowing', yet not knowing about the supernatural creatures that live among the humans.

Vampires and Werewolves.

Pressed for time and an urgency as the creature goes around taking people’s magic from them, growing more powerful by the second (as if he wasn't powerful enough), the Black Squadron makes a desperate attempt at a possible solution- turn Saphiera into a Vampire and have her battle the creature to the death and hoping in the process to restore Trinity's memory.

Why Saphiera? Why not Alicia? Will Trinity get her memory back?

Feb 9, 2017

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Desmond's Portal - Matt Deckman

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 5


Copyright @ 2016 Matthew B. Deckman  All Rights Reserved.

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This book has a very dark and twisted story line.


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Desmond’s Portal

Chapter 1

Move in… Trinity whispered into her mic. Her small 20-man team squad moved in.  She had only brought in 20 Black Squadron members to investigate the odd occurrence in-front of them.

There was an abnormally high amount of magic concentrated about 10 meters ahead.  It had just popped onto the radar without warning.  They couldn’t make out what was going on, as all they could see was a cloud of black smoke and it was saturated with magic, at such levels that it was beyond frightening. It would have taken someone with over 100 trillion particles to create the smoke. Nobody living or dead had that amount.  The instruments at the Black Squadron dome had proved useless for once. And they were the absolute best in the world.

Alicia, Trinity, Jerecko and several others moved closer cautiously, Champion Paladin class barriers up, guarding from anything that may pop out. As they got closer, the cloud looked like it stabilized- it shook and shimmer less than before, and grew larger in diameter.

Those barriers won’t do anything if I decide to attack you, a deep, demonic sounding voice said.

Trinity looked at Alicia, heart racing.  Alicia looked back at her, slightly shaking her head.

Trinity had to be the brave one, she represented the Black squadron, the strongest magic based military force on the planet.  Wherever this voice came from, it apparently though it’s power superseded the strength of the two most powerful people on the planet.

Trinity had a magic particle count of 198 billion, four to six magic particles for every white blood cell, and was in the top five strongest FireCats on the planet, a cat like humanoid.  She was as strong as she could possibly be.  She was only in the running because the other top people had been killed off 15 years earlier from a massive explosion, including her grandfather and grandmother on her father’s side, which had been the King and Queen of the FireCat nation.

Alicia, Trinity's best friend and second in command, only had a magic particle count of 135 billion, but she was physically stronger and more capable than most of the people in the Black Squadron.  While it was a magic based squadron; with highly advanced spells, runes and incantations; raw physical strength, endurance and stamina was also required.  Alicia had more than ample amounts of stamina and was able to regenerate her magic very quickly because of this.  Her stamina regeneration was 50 to 75 percent faster than most, if not everyone.  She could also unlock her mental governor at will, and with extreme precision, down to the single percent, on the fly and regulate it as she needed. She could unlock it at any given second, at any given amount and change it to whatever percentage at whatever time she pleased.  This allowed her to become one of the strongest on the planet, and possibly the most deadly.

The three crept forward, Trinity, Alicia and Jerecko, with video cameras at their ears. Keith was recording every second and monitoring everything he could.  He had Mindy next to him, helping observe any changes and fluctuations in the fields and making sure that they captured all the data from the instruments and embedded the data as meta data in the video files.  Mindy had signed onto the Black Squadron shortly after Saplúúšana was built, a prodigy second only to Keith in the computer realm.

They were only 15 paces away when a foot and leg came out, planting itself firmly on the ground.  Next, a hand and arm pulled itself out, followed by a horned head. It looked like a dark purple demon, something out of a fairy tale or fantasy realm.

Who are you and what do you want? Trinity asked, increasing the strength of her shield. Something about him didn't seem right.

The demon looking man chuckled, I’m Desmond, and this is my portal… was all that Trinity heard as she dropped.  Her barrier dissolved as Alicia and Jerecko looked in horror as Trinity fell to the ground.

I told you, that barrier wouldn’t do anything to protect you… he smirked as he, Desmond, a pure blooded demon, fully emerged from the black and purple portal.

What have you done to Trinity?! Alicia boosted her barrier as she knelt down next to Trinity, checking her pulse.

She’s not dead, if that’s what you’re wondering. I’ve merely taken her memories…more specifically, the memories of who she is, her loved ones and whatever powers she has or rather whatever magical capabilities she’s acquired over her short life span and I’ve sealed them in my own mind, he explained as he tapped his temple, fascinating little female. She’s gone through so much in her life…including you… he looked at Alicia.

You two were almost lovers…until you said no to intimacy…how odd, how does that affect your husband, who’s here? Desmond looked at Jerecko.

I don’t know what you’re getting at, but that’s all ancient history, you purple slug. 15 years ago. That’s a lot of time, Jerecko spat, clearly irritated.  He boosted his magic, his physical abilities and his barrier. He also started Alicia’s classic inferno, Get Trinity out of here, I’ll take care of this bastard and he’ll tell me how to restore Trinity back to good health.

Desmond threw back his head in laughter that echoed through the rocks and mountains then looked at Jerecko, You think 15 years is a long time? That’s a snap of the fingers for me. I’m five millennia old. However, there are others on this planet who are older than I am, but aren’t nearly as powerful as I am.

If you’re talking about the dragons, they won’t fight you… Alicia said.

Desmond shook his head, No, no my dear girl. I’m not talking about dragons. I’m talking about humanoids like yourself and their self-proclaimed mortal enemies…honestly I don’t know why they claim the other as their mortal enemies when they themselves are clearly immortal and their enemy is mortal and nothing but a pack of wild dogs!

Quit blabbering and start making sense! Jerecko snapped.  He was tired of hearing the demon's voice.

Blabbering? You must be joking? You three and everybody behind you, belong to the most powerful, most far reaching military faction on this pitiful planet and you don’t know? he looked in amazement and amusement, I’m of course talking about Vampires and werewolves! he laughed and vanished. He literally just vanished, no phase out, no fading, just there then not.

What the hell is he talking about? Werewolves and vampires?! Keith said through the headset.

I don’t know, but we need to start searching for an explanation as to what the fuck is going on… Jerecko said.

Trinity groaned, Where am I? Who are you…what’s going on? Trinity sat up from Alicia’s arm and rubbed her temple.

Trin, I’m Alicia… Alicia said, hoping that whatever Desmond said about Trinity’s memories wasn’t true.

Trin…who is that? Trinity said as she looked at the short haired blonde, Wow, you’re gorgeous…

Fuck…Keith, we’ve got a problem, Alicia looked into the video camera on Trinity, that bastard, Desmond or whatever his name is, took away all of the said memories.

Desmond who? Took away who’s memories? What’s going on? Trinity blinked.  The blonde was pissed and looking at her.  She looked around to see a handsome man looking down at her, wow… she blinked.

There were others approaching, all knew what was going on…all had headsets and video cameras.

Who are they? Trinity pointed at them.

* * * * *

Since Trinity was clearly incapacitated by Desmond’s power, Alicia assumed full command of the Black Squadron and recalled all members back to headquarters.  They were all to meet in the large conference room once all were reported back.

As soon as all seats were occupied, the 100 seats available, 99 in the audience, 1 up front, Alicia began.

We are facing a threat like none before. And before I go any further, we have footage of what happened, we have scientific evidence and hard data that what happened, did actually happen.

We encountered a being who identified himself as Desmond.  He is a tall humanoid like creature with horns, Alicia pulled the first slide from the video that was captured. It was a high resolution, rich image.

As you can see, he’s not something that’s been categorized, except as a demon.

"He has taken Trinity’s memories; who she is, what she is, what her powers are, of loved ones, etc.  We’re not sure if he’s transported the memories or whether he’s merely made it impossible, currently, for Trinity to access them.

He has also mentioned something else, something that we didn’t think existed except in myths. Alicia glanced at the video before it was played.

Desmond shook his head, No, no my dear girl. I’m not talking about dragons. I’m talking about humanoids like yourself and their self-proclaimed mortal enemies…honestly I don’ t know why they claim the other as their mortal enemies when they themselves are clearly immortal and their enemy is mortal and wild dogs.

Quit blabbering and start making sense! Jerecko snapped.

Blabbering? You must be joking? You three belong to the most powerful, most far reaching military faction on this pitiful planet and you don’t know? he looked in amazement and amusement, I’m of course talking about Vampires and werewolves! he laughed and vanished.

Alicia judged facial features and reactions to the video as it was played. Some raised brows, others were amused, the rest had blank faces. However, nobody made a noise. Once it was done, the lights returned and Alicia continued to gauge reactions.

I don’t want to come off as skeptical, but do you honestly want us to believe he’s a demon and that there are vampires and werewolves living amongst us? one of the younger generation asked.

Alicia was about to answer when the same deep, demonic voice Desmond used in the video, started briefly, Yes…Because I do exist, and they do exist.

He appeared literally beside Alicia and stared out at the audience. Alicia was shocked but did her best to keep her cool. She glared at Desmond, out of the corners of her eyes. She didn't dare move.

For example, he pointed to a woman and snapped his fingers, You are now a vampire. He smirked.

It took all but a second before she doubled over in pain, groaning and a small popping noise could be heard from her, my stomach… she breathed before sitting up, hands clutching her legs in an iron grip, the myths are real…the hunger is tough… the woman breathed, fighting the urge to jump, clamp her jaw into someone’s neck and suck them dry.

You’ve got amazing will power, fighting the urge like that, Desmond said and left.

The woman shook as she opened her eyes, staring at the floor, pushing back the instinct, the instinct to feed. With every raspy breath, she could smell blood,

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