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The Merry Widows



Felicity Drummond had fallen in love with Chandler Rhys the moment she'd laid eyes on him the previous summer. But that didn't mean she'd make a fool of herself, especially after he'd ridden off on another expedition, leaving her with just a kiss, a note and a bouquet of wildflowers.

Chandler Rhys suspected that his feelings for the beautiful widow, went deeper than just a passing fancy. But she was so intimidating with her sensuous beauty and wealth, often leaving him to feel like a fool. What man would succumb to that?

But life has a way of turning things on its head, and a freak accident leaves the two reluctant lovers captive for the Christmas holidays, surrounded by crazy relatives, a passel of waifs and strays, not to mention two voracious wolfhounds.

In this third and final novella of The Merry Widow series, another lusty holiday season descends on the residents of Lake Windermere -- enjoy!

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