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Moment Of Doubt: Moments In Time, #3.5

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After three years of relative bliss, Tanner is stunned when Collin announces they should take a break. Tanner assumes this is just stress talking. They've been living in separate states for work and school and have both been super busy. Thinking Collin will chill when they spend some quality time together, Tanner tries to stay calm, but when messages go unanswered he realizes the break is for real.

Heartbroken, he tries to move on. When Collin gets in touch to ask a favor for his family, Tanner is tempted to say no. But Collin's brothers mean too much to Tanner, so he reluctantly agrees to pretend they're together, just for the weekend, with a promise from Collin that he'll tell them the truth when it's over.

Will their weekend together bring the closure Tanner needs? Or was the entire breakup just a moment of doubt?

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