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The Windchime Legacy

620 pages9 hours


In 1980, the mysterious A.W. Mykel came out of nowhere with this brilliantly inventive espionage thriller. It became an overnight, international bestseller…astonishing readers with its daringly imaginative plot, larger-than-life characters, and outstanding action…becoming one of the most entertaining and beloved spy novels of the century.

America has a secret: our espionage operations are run by Sentinel, an intelligent super computer that communicates with spies through an implant in their brains that massively expands their intellectual capabilities. But the power comes with a price. The implants are also explosives that Sentinel can ignite at its whim. Now one of Sentinel’s creators is defecting to Russia with plans to create a red Sentinel twin and must be stopped. Superspy Justin Chaple is assigned to the mission, pitting him against the KGB’s top assassins and, as a shocking conspiracy is revealed, the all-knowing, explosive killer hiding in his own skull.

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