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The Goblin Adventure

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"Augustus must fall upon taking the crown. If he falls, the goblin people will be saved." ~ Shaman Foretelling

Augustus an Grakh, goblin warleader, pursues revenge for an atrocity centuries old that drove the last goblins deep underground. He struggles with elements within his own society that would rather forget the old wrong. Between dodging assassins and facing down the powerful goblin shamen caste and their ominous foretelling, Augustus must lead his people against unknown enemies on the surface above.
Artorius Blueiron is a captain in the Royal Dwarven Legionnaires. Though dwarves and goblins have been friends for over a hundred years, he must find a way to stop Augustus from upsetting the already worsening conflict between the cannibalistic Tajumwali Hordes and the Palanisi Empire. But he is also at war with his own dwarven ideals - to let what must be happen.

Augustus is determined to have revenge for his people. His destiny will lead him into conflict with the last vestige of decent humanity standing against the Tajumwali Hordes. The world above them does not remember the Tarong goblins. But they will - and the history of the event will be written in rivers of blood.

A dark fantasy written from the goblin perspective, the reader comes face-to-face with goblin reasoning on justice, revenge, morality and achievement beyond expectations. Suitable for those who are not weak of heart or character.

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