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The Dwarven Legacy

Length: 143 pages1 hour


Kord Becker, failed knight, is given one last chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the Palanisi Empire. Assigned an unusual position, he is to escort a company of dwarves across the lands of the empire. But Kord thought dwarves were myths from stories. 

An ancient evil has been awakened in a long-abandoned dwarven hold and the dwarves mount a strong expedition to put it back to sleep.

Durmannus Black-Anvil must lead the reclusive dwarves across human lands after centuries of seclusion. He finds himself torn between his loyalties to his noble house and the truth he fears. Romulus Steelhammer, Rune-Master of the dwarven expedition, alienates his fellow dwarves when he takes an unusual liking to the failed knight assigned to them. His search for the truth is as dangerous to dwarvenkind as their ultimate battle with the awakened demon.

Together, the unlikely band of humans and dwarves forge a bond of blood and tears that is stronger than steel.

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