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Duke Kord Becker

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KORD BECKER returns. Having met with success in The Dwarven Legacy, this sequel thrusts Kord into the middle of the Duchy of Mernok. Beset by bandits and plots from different sides, he must find a way to salvage what is left of the duchy.

Marius the ravager joins Becker, impressed by the man's adoption of the Dwarven Code, and eager to see much of the surface world. Osso, a convicted thief, finds himself mixed up with the formerly failed knight's venture into Mernok. Meanwhile, an outcast priest tries to bring peace to the duchy - and his future becomes entwined with that of Kord's.

Gollos, the current Duke of Mernok, does not want to give up his power so easily. He and his lieutenants are at odds with how to deal with the new duke. Then there is Dervik, a former duke-turned-bandit who has much more to say about Kord's future than Gollos or anyone else in Mernok; save, perhaps, for a white-haired chamber-maid in the ducal manor. Togos, Dervik's ebony-skinned captain, has given up all hope. Having survived the Tajumwali, he now seeks only to die.

The secret to the south will draw in Kord and his compatriots in a far-reaching showdown where even victory might spell defeat.

NOTE! This book is a sequel to The Dwarven Legacy. Though Duke Kord Becker can easily be read as a stand-alone, some readers might find it illuminating to read them in order. The events flow as follows:

The Dwarven Legacy
Duke Kord Becker
The Goblin Adventure

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