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Dragon, Rampant

Length: 144 pages1 hour


Private Gregory Smith lays dying in an experimental Army hospital. Plagued by nightmares, he retreats into his own mind. He dreams of being a dragon, despite being told by his strange friend that those dreams are his nightmares. He does not want to believe the hellish hospital room is his reality.

Army Psychiatrist Amy Nelson strives to awaken the ailing soldier using all means possible. Assigned to oversee mental reactions to an experimental psychotropic drug, she takes a special interest in Gregory. She will use any method at her disposal to get a reaction from the man, including pain.

Peggy Gramm cares for her sick father. Her life is devoid of any happiness, except for her faith in God. She begins having visions that strike suddenly and she feels a calling for something beyond her small life.

WARNING: This book has some extreme violence. Dragons eat people. There is no gore, but the violence might disturb some. There are also medical treatments in this book causing extreme pain and border on torture.

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