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Season of the Sorceress

250 pages3 hours


An adult story of dark sorcery and necromancy - not for children!

Karemma Tem was born a slave in the Kingdom of Tilonnica. Passing from master to master, she learns she has a talent for magic - something unheard of in one without royal blood. When one of her masters dies, she is tasked by the dying man to deliver a dangerous book to the Hall of Wizards. Into her hands comes the Tome of Powers, detailing sorcery far different than the spells of magic she had been taught.

Gathering against the Tilonnicans are nightlords, those who have delved deep into necromancy. They build an army of undead to destroy Tilonnica and the centuries of peace the kingdom has brought. The nightlords will expend every effort to obliterate Tilonnica.

Owing to her unique ability in magic and sorcery, Karemma is swept up in the final clash between all that is good in the kingdom and all that would destroy it. Her decisions will be instrumental in who wins, and who dies.

This is a stand-alone novel, not the start of a three-part series. There is no cliff-hanger and no waiting for sequels to be written leaving the reader hanging. Repeat: not for children.

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