Speaking to Life's Problems

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Speaking to Life's Problems

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Don't just preach the Bible; preach it to people.

Your parishioners are hurting. They have practical, urgent problems. They’re asking tough questions. Are your sermons answering those questions, meeting those needs, speaking to those problems? 

More than a textbook on sermon preparation, Speaking to Life’s Problems gives you biblical and psychological insight into contemporary problems like anxiety, guilt, fear, failure, indecision, and loneliness. 

Rich in illustrations, Speaking to Life’s Problems is filled with short sermons and ideas that can be developed and fitted to your particular congregation or class, making your lessons more engaging, relevant, and meaningful. The best sermons are those that speak to the heart, not just the mind. These insights will help you deliver sermons that resonate with the whole person, thus making a greater impact.

You can preach sermons that capture the attention of your congregation, speak effectively on subjects that matter to them, and help resolve their tensions, relieve their pressures, and lighten their despair. 

Helpful features include:

Extensive bibliography and sermon sources to help you find to relevant material. Scriptural passages on each problem, useful as sermon texts Spiritual guidance for preparing messages.
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