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Regency Romance: The Duke’s Dark Secret (Truth & Lies) (CLEAN Historical Regency Romance)

258 pages2 hours


A Lady dying for love. A marriage of convenience. A selfish father. A Duke's dark secret. Will she gets to marry the man of her dreams?

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She never wanted to feel ignored by her father, sent away to live with her aunt.

The man she loves believes her absurd, the type of woman no man should be forced to marry.

Beautiful Jessica Davenport loves her Aunt Georgette—who mostly raised her—and her father, successful businessman Maxwell Davenport, but she often feels alone in the world. On her twentieth birthday, her father makes a surprise appearance, one that could make or break her chance to marry Benedict Percy, the love of her life. However, nothing goes according to plan and her heartbreak could be just the catalyst for a new life, if only she can overcome the grief and depression.

To make things worse, her father has now promised her in marriage to the aloof but handsome Duke Alexander…and promised her again to the abhorrent Marquess Elliott. How could she marry twice? What scheme could they possibly have that involved two weddings? Jessica is distraught—she must get to the bottom of this quickly, because more than her reputation is at stake now!

Will Jessica find the right man at the right time—and will he love her despite her differences from the average genteel, well-rounded, but dull females amongst the peerage?

Can Alexander find a way to change his mind, and his heart, concerning the woman that he’s been forced to marry?

This is a clean historical regency romance novel.

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