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A Cracked Egg

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In a world of sex, secrets and scandal, one man seeks salvation. The man’s name is Bruce. He’s a local television executive of British heritage. He is so sickened by his marriage to Vanessa he often ignores her when he leaves for work in the morning. At the train station, he often stands at the edge of the platform and ruminates the consequences of tossing himself in front of the train as it arrives. Will it hurt much? Will I die instantly? He then spots a comely, almost cherubic woman on the other side of the platform, smiling as she reads an awfully thick black book. He smiles at her and deliberately goes out of his way to pretend to accidentally bump into her as they both get off at the same stop. He thinks an affair with her would be just the ideal thing to make his life worthwhile, but she mistakes his friendliness for interest in her storefront church and she hands him a pamphlet. He attends and pretends, but balks when he discovers she already has a significant other and vows to never return, despite donating a hundred dollar bill in the collection plate.

When his wife is knocked unconscious in a terrible car accident, he changes his mind about God and prays for her recovery. This inspires him to give the church another chance and he’s back again as soon as he’s able. His best pal, Jimmy, a Private Eye, is suspicious of this sudden change and the church itself. He conducts an investigation, bugs the Pastor’s office, and uncovers quite the collection of white-collar misdemeanors as well as drug usage and trafficking. He presents to his friend Bruce the tangible evidence of not only the misdeeds of the miscreant minister, but the true facts of their parentage - they are actually fraternal twin brothers, separated at birth. Jimmy was adopted by a local couple and Bruce was shunted off to live with his aunt in Manchester, England, and several years later they just happened to meet and befriend each other simply by chance - or WAS IT!

At this point, Bruce is convinced his friend and newly-found brother could be right about this pastor, and helps him with the investigation. Meanwhile, thanks to news coverage of a church picket of a family-planning clinic across the street, the pastor develops a media following the likes of Fr Michael Pfleger, and is offered a trial broadcast of one of his services. Jimmy, nursing a years-long grudge against crooked televangelists, hatches a plan to take the so-called pastor down on live television, right in the middle of the service.

As this plan is developing, Jimmy also uncovers some unsavory deceit from Bruce’s wife Vanessa. Fed up with over 30 years of lies and manipulation he calls for an uncontested divorce, and she runs off to have an affair which turns out badly for her.

Back to the broadcast, bedlam ensues and the brothers are held at bay by the now crazed pastor who sees no other way out than to brandish a pistol and take them hostage. Bruce goes for the gun and is shot in front of thousands of viewers. His life hangs in the balance as Jimmy brings the cops in to round up the rogue reverend.

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