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In 1314 Jaques de Molay was burnt at the stake, there ended the story of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon, usually spoken of as Knights Templar. But what made the King of France and The Pope want to destroy them. Was it just greed for their land and monies? Or was there a more sinister reason?
Tales of a lost Templar fleet abound to this day, but these are all just myths, are they not?
De Molay had organised the removal of all the Templar artefacts in Europe, treasure included, and had left this task in the hands of the very capable De Courcy. His fleet sailed out of the Mediterranean and into legend never to be seen or heard from again.
No trace has ever been found. Until now!
Drew DeBleek received an e-mail from his old Professor. What he saw transformed his life and led to him being hunted by powers that wanted what he was now looking for.
They were more powerful than anyone realised and had been looking far longer than Drew, for they knew the legends were true. These people were now his adversaries.
Where could he find the help he needed?
The answer was a complete shock to him
He found people who he could trust with his life.
Willing to die to keep him alive.
What fate awaited Drew and his loyal friends?
Many years after De Molay's execution, after travelling with their families, three aged Knights presented themselves to Teutonic Knights telling of their long lives in Outreamer but when they or their families were asked about De Courcy or any Templar treasure, always they would answer "It is hidden God help the Church of Rome if the truth is told.

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