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The Styrian Curse

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Styria, May 1900. Watson and the Countess travel through the Semmering Pass to Waldenwulf Castle to attend a Christening. Among the godparents are several characters from the canon of Conan Doyle, including the odious Baron Gruner who is helping to train the Olympic archery team prior to the Summer Olympics.
When bodies turn up horrifically mauled, an outbreak of rabies is suspected among the wolf population - but the superstitious locals have a different explanation, and their own way of dealing with things. It soon becomes clear that they hold the unchristened child with the beastly birthmark responsible for the return of the mythical Styrian werewolf.

Unconvinced by the mythical explanation, our two sleuths soon find themselves pitting their wits against an adversary who has developed a taste for blood-sport. But how do they trap a creature that doesn’t exist? How do you kill a myth?

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