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Be Hopeful God Answers: Biblical Verses 2

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Be Hopeful God Answers: Biblical Verses 2
The Word of God in this book is living and active, there is assurance of the presence of God. The verses are greatly anointed to instil hope to the needy and broken and that hope is fulfilled. It surpasses everything happening in human life, both visible and invisible. Whatever you see, whatever you hear, anything you are going through is overcome by the Word of God. It removes all fear. It teaches and counsels what is best for you. It directs your footsteps by guiding you in the right path of life. You should keep absorbing it, speaking it and holding on to its healing and teaching and protecting ways. It will never remain vain and empty and it surpasses the test of time by bringing breakthroughs. With the Word of God, you are able to endure and be filled with encouragement that strengthens you and helps you to overcome strongholds of life. It closes gaps in a person’s life. The Word of God heals and mends all brokenness. These anointed verses should give you peace to the heart, mind and life.

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