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One Day

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Male or female person who wants back the very person they have loved for so long but also has not seen for such a long while. Care free but very emotional with a touch of vulnerability is sensed in this moment. A short monologue for both male or female. This is about love, lost time and wanting that love back.
Carlton D Kennedy is a creative author - Lover of nature and a interest in history, Mainly Tudor, Renaissance & Victorian.

In my creative writing i hope to make people smile, think and find inspiration from would they read of my work. I don't pretend to be a amazing writer but i think all that matters is that you share with people what you feel in your heart and mind, put it out there if it feel right and then let the love and imagination of people take it and do as they will with it. I write about many different things including love, people, life, artistry, death & nature. I hope you enjoy my work.

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