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The Book of Taco: 40 Easy Taco and Other Tortilla Recipes: Mexican Recipes

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The Book of Taco: 40 Easy Taco and Other Tortilla Recipes

Tacos and tortilla based dishes have always been the go to hunger fixes for millions of people. Not only because they are delicious and really flavorful, but they are also easier to make at home. But what if you are tired of the old and pretty basic taco recipe that you have been using for many years? Will you be giving up and just make it over and over again? What if you are told that there are so many facets to the humble tortilla that you have not yet discovered? Reading this book will help you:

Get to know different tried and tested taco recipes that we have grown up with and developed over the years. Learn new tortilla recipes perfect for get-togethers, game nights with friends and snacks for your kids or loved ones. Find out new ways to turn tortillas into sweet desserts. And so much more

There are so many things that you can do with your taco shells and tortilla wraps. Discover the inner spice monger in you and try out all these recipes and tips!

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