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Lessons From A Gathering Of Men ~ How Mens Work Is Redefining Masculinity And Improving Mens Lives

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The roles of men are changing!

Will you keep up and change with them?

What happens when the things you have been brought up to believe as being conventional start to change? Do you bend with them or resist fiercely? Do you accept or decline?

The roles of men in society are changing. This is an inescapable fact and yet many men still cling to the age-old ideals of what they should be like.

The provider. The protector. The weekend beer drinker.

But what if men began having conversations about these changing roles? What if men stopped talking about sports, politics, sex and making money?

What if they started engaging in things like:

Having fulfilling relationships
Taking care of their health
Creating loving families
Developing a spiritual connection
Making a difference in their communities?
This is what Lessons From a Gathering of Men is all about. It’s about engaging men about the changing roles of masculinity and giving them the information about what it means to be a man in today’s ever-changing world.

And it is a wake-up call for any man who is ready to take positive action, move past the antiquated paradigm of masculinity and evolve into the men they were destined to be.

Come and join us!

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