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Willow Crier Cozy Mystery Set (Books 1 - 4)

508 pages9 hours


Enjoy the zany antics of Willow Crier as she helps solve the mysterious murders in and around her newly adopted home town.
Contains the full contents of books number 1 through 4 of the Willow Crier Cozy Mystery Series.

Book 1: Chili to Die For

A northerner by birth, Willow moves south when she inherits her grandfather’s ice cream shop. From the slow southern dialect to the crazy drivers, Willow finds herself at odds with what most call “southern charm.” She becomes obsessed with cook-offs and bake-offs, wanting those trophies for her mantle.

With the chili cook-off just around the corner, Willow manages to provoke one of the judges to a fit of road rage. When that judge ends up face down, dead, in a bowl of Willow’s chili, police chief Grice looks to the newest town resident as his number one suspect. Willow must find out who wanted Ms. Delonda Posey dead before the good citizens of Turtle, OK run her Yankee bottom out of town.

Book 2: I Scream, You Scream

Willow Crier is at it again! As chairwoman for Turtle’s annual Ice Cream Festival, she is unable to enter the town’s sponsored ice cream making contest. So, she does what any good cook-off addict does, she talks her daughter into entering. As the festival is just getting heated up, the towns local writer in residence turns up frozen, sitting on a bucket of Pistachio Goodness in the walk-in freezer.

After being accused of being a “peeping” Tom, breaking and entering, and impersonating a police officer, Willow does her darndest to find the elusive killer plaguing her town. Getting into the town’s good graces wasn’t easy and she sure wants to stay there!

Book 3: This Little Piggy Wound Up Dead

Somebody smoked the wrong pig!

Willow, Steve, and Embry team up to win the city’s annual Barbecue Competition. Camping out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As Willow is coercing her 40 something year old body to make the trek to the bathroom for her morning rituals, she finds herself a witness to the local bad boy twirling on a rotisserie.

She vows she won’t get involved. Yeah, like that happens. Her gut tells her the young man arrested is not the right guy. It’s not long before she’s being serenaded by an opera wannabe, mistaken for a homeless person, and being chased by Mexicans toting guns, all in the name of justice.

Book 4: Southern Fried Son of a Gun

Willow’s Packin’ Heat!

Willow Crier’s got a gun and the whole town will hear her bang. During a monthly potluck at the gun club, a local war hero, Clancy, ends up fried to a crisp. Armed with binoculars and cast Iron, Willow uncovers hidden secrets long ago buried. While searching for the murderer, Willow is also searching for the perfect fried chicken recipe.

A painful surgery earns her sympathy, and maybe a few kisses, from Steve, but it doesn’t keep her off her feet for long. Instead she dives right into the case, pulling a fellow gun club member into an impromptu mud wrestling contest. Embry’s engagement and Steve’s investigative nature is delving up a past Willow isn’t eager to remember. She manages to slip away from the memories to solve the case, and a romantic evening on the ferris wheel certainly helps to keep her distracted.

Enjoy them all in this special 'box set'.

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