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Lion of Soweto

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Studies took Sheline to Johannesburg to live with her aunt while she completes her degree programme in Journalism. During a break, she returned home in Bulawayo where she was laced, unknowingly, with a sexual locking formula by her insecure and self-doubting husband. He did it to prevent his wife from being stolen away from him.
Bandele, a wealthy Soweto bully, who was used to getting away with bedding all the beautiful ladies in his area, would not overlook the newly - arrived Sheline. He went for her, even if he had to use a softer, more gentlemanly approach, quite against his usual predatory methods.
She proved too difficult to handle for him, despite his fame and power. He became a church-goer, hoping to entice the jewel that he believed should be his. Little did he know that he was treading in the shadow of death. Will he fall for the trap set hundreds of kilometres away?

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