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Peers of Beinan Series: Collections



The Legacy of Princess Anlei comes alive in this special trilogy edition volume.

Begin with The Great Succession Crisis, the paranormal coming-of-age romance about Princess Anlei and her struggle to find herself while caught in the middle of a chess game of noble houses.

Then solve the mystery of the Ghosts of the Past. As unseen terrorists target healing centres planet-wide it falls to Lord Knight Elendir of house Ten-Ar to stop the killers before they murder everyone he loves in this thriller where no one is safe.

Finally join in the fight for freedom against Lord Yelu's tyranny in Princess Anyu Returns, the exciting final chapter to the Peers of Beinan Series.

New to the Peers of Beinan Series? Make this boxed set your first and best value choice for an optimal introduction to this beautifully created complete universe.

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