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The Shtf Stockpile: 23 Items That Will Help You Remain Alive When Disaster Knocks on Your Door

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The events around the globe are becoming increasingly brutal and deadly.  Terrorist attacks, outbreaks of fatal diseases, and outright genocide have become almost mundane, boring. The response for much of the general public has been to load up on medication to numb the senses, to just not feel anything.  But at the end of the day, that's not true survival, that's putting a bandage on an amputation.

Life is getting increasingly difficult and the probably of some cataclysmic disaster is increasing and men and women are preparing.  They are stockpiling supplies, materials, and medical gear in the event of a global emergency and when the smoke clears, they will be the ones left alive.  The SHTF Stockpile is book of 23 items that are fundamental to longterm survival.  The book provides the reader with a survival list, and does so by providing the occasional laugh - when dealing with the issue of survival, a laugh is often necessary to maintain sanity.  

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