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First Moves

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Claire’s book is a modern day thriller, exploring the spiritual and prophetic possibilities of Kingdom Supernatural communication between believers, angels, and God. In a modern day town, that could be anywhere in the United States, a young boy runaway is propelled into the darkest of worlds in an otherwise seemingly normal orphanage which is merely a front for the true pursuits of a diabolical house mother engaged in a child pornography business steeped in Occult worship, reaping millions in profitable gain. This runaway turned unwilling hero is a burning flame of hope in an otherwise hopeless world to all who come to know him. Every page causes you to want to cheer the young hero along while gripping the edge of your seat wondering what other insurmountable physical, emotional, and spiritual conflicts he will face. Who will help him? Who will betray him? Who will die, and who will live? This is not your everyday “church Christianity.” This is the Supernatural Kingdom of Christ revealed in a hurting modern day world, working through everyday imperfect people, children of God’s Kingdom.

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