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The Short Stories, Vol 1. A Holmes & Watson Anthology

47 pages42 minutes


A late night encounter at a hotel between Holmes, a handsome Italian advertising executive and a German woman is not as random as it all seems. But has Holmes finally met his match? Someone who is playing a bigger game than even he suspects?

Along with this vital story, this anthology of Holmes & Watson stories gives an insight into publishing tycoon Javier Zugasti, how LA couple Gerry & Gerald first met and perhaps a little more insight to Holmes and Mrs. Hudson.

So many wonderful characters appear only too briefly. Glimpsed in a scene as they offer a clue or piece of advice. This collection of short scenes and stories were created over the years to flesh out the Holmes & Watson Universe, or to capture that scene that never found its way into the novel. Any fan of the series will find these amusing and interesting.

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